Pictures: Fifth Annual Beth Medrash Govoha- Shivti Yarchei Kallah


Almost 500 people gathered for Two Days of Limud Hatorah.

See pictures below:


  1. LiChvod Roshei HaYeshivah SHLIT”A,

    Shalom UVrachah.

    I understand that one of the Magidei Shiur at the Yarchei Kallah on “Lifnei Iver Lo Sitein Michshol” was rabbi Zev Cohen of Chicago.

    Unfortunately, he was the party mainly responsible for the Chicago “eruv”:
    *Which has been unanimously opposed by the Rashei HaYeshivos of Chicago because it is a series of Tzuros HaPesach in a Reshus HaRabim DeOreisa — a massive Chilul Shabbos BeFarhesia!
    *My Rosh Yeshivah ZT”L said this “eruv” is Pasul LeChal HaDeyos!
    *As recommended by my Rosh Yeshivah ZT”L, we made a peaceful protest. Several uniformed police officers visited my home to arrest me! They said they were sent by rabbi Zev Cohen!

    With Syata DiShmaya I convinced them to leave.

    How can a modern-day “Yeraveam Ben Nevat” give a BMG Shiur on “Lifnei Iver…”???

    BeChavod Rav,
    Concerned Jew


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