Pidyon HaRashash on the Day of the Yahrtzeit


[Communicated] Today is the yahrtzeit of the saintly Rabbi Shalom Sharabi. Kollel Chatzos will perform the Pidyon HaRashash for you. Sign up to have your name mentioned at this momentous event. Call 718.887.9114 or email

Healed Completely by the Pidyon HaRashash!

“An interesting episode occurred last summer,” a staff member from the offices of Kollel Chatzos tells us. A young man called in with a note of desperation in his voice: “I beg you, have in mind my relative who has been on a respirator for several days. The doctors are hinting at a frightening prognosis and telling us to prepare for the worst….”

Hearing about the widely accepted segula, the Pidyon HaRashash – of which Rabbi Chaim Vital zt”l wrote, “It has been tried thousands of times and it always helped!” – the man asked that we mention the patients name at night and that we perform the Pidyon HaRashash especially for her.

The very next day this man was again on the line giving us the latest update: “It’s fantastic! Last night there was a drastic improvement in her condition. I checked the clock and it was precisely the moment you were doing the Pidyon HaRashash when thing started turning better. She is already off the respirator and she will be released home in a few days…!”

What is the Pidyon HaRashash?

  • You set aside 160 coins of pure silver (Kollel Chatzos is in possession of such a set of coins).
  • The pidyon, redemption procedure, is performed by outstanding talmidei chachamim following the exact directions of the saintly Rashash during the rarified nighttime hours.
  • The pidyon is a segula for health, shiduchim, livelihood, children, marital harmony, success, etc.

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