Pinsk-Karlin Masmidim Lottery, Prizes Include Yarmulke and Gartel


A unique lottery was held by Pinsk-Karlin in Yerushalayim for hundreds of yungeleit and bochurim who participated in the rebbe‘s program, devoting at least eight hours to learning on Shabbos and erev Shabbos.

The first prize was a valuable letter penned by Rav Avrohom Elimelech of Karlin (1892-1942). Other prizes included a page from Rav Aharon Hacohen Rozenfeld, the Orchos Aharon of Pinsk Karlin (1927-2001), with the words: “One must meditate in the holy Torah in every circumstance,” and a yarmulke and gartel of the current rebbe.

{ Israel}


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