Updated: Please Daven: 7-Year-Old Girl Found Unconscious In Monsey Pool

Backyard swimming pool and patio

A young girl from Monsey is in critical condition after drowning in a pool.

She was transferred by Hatzolah in cardiac arrest and was taken to Westchester Medical Hospital.

Update: Reportedly, the girl has regained her pulse and her body temperature and blood pressure have stabilized. She is still unconscious.

Please daven for Miram bas Shoashana.



  1. She should have a refuah sheleima b’koruv. However, Matzav should realize that the definition of drown is:
    die through submersion in and inhalation of water. Examples: “she drowned in the pond” synonyms: suffocate in water, inhale water; go to a watery grave “he nearly drowned.” Boruch Hashem, she DID NOT DROWN.

    • Hi, I just want to gently inform that drowning does not always mean dying.
      “The medical definition of drowning is ‘the process of experiencing respiratory impairment from submersion/immersion in liquid.’ (Definition of Drowning: A Progress Report. Bierens J, Drowning 2e. Berline: Springer, 2014.) Drowning has only three outcomes: fatal drowning, nonfatal drowning with injury or illness, or nonfatal drowning without injury or illness.”
      Biezras HaShem this drowning incident will have a positive outcome.


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