Pluto Bigger Than Thought


plutoEveryone’s favorite underdog, Pluto, is actually larger than previously expected.

NASA’s New Horizons spaceship is making its way toward the former ninth planet and has already discovered that it is about 1,473 miles in diameter.

It also detected that Pluto contains a polar ice cap and has ionized nitrogen steaming from it. The spacecraft will make its closest flyby on Tuesday morning. Read more at Popular Science.



  1. Whether the Goyim call it a planet or not is irrelevant to us (and doesn’t CV”S change the Gemara, either). I don’t know, I honestly don’t see what the point is in Matzav announcing this ‘thrilling, life-altering’ piece of news if Matzav’s slogan is ‘the Jewish world at your fingertips’. Is Pluto the Jewish world? Is NASA? Any impact on us? Please, enlighten me! 🙂


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