Police Deploy in Yerushalayim, Shabbos of Protests Planned


protestYerushalayim police have deployed in great numbers across the city, ahead of what authorities say will be another Shabbos of unrest in light of planned protest rallies against the opening of the Karta parking lot. Mayor Nir Barkat received threats to his life this week according to reports over the controversial decision to keep the parking lot open. Protests are planned for tomorrow afternoon.Rabbi Yosef Rosenfeld, head of the Committee for Shemiras Shabbos, said that “Unlike last week, when it was just a bunch of kids, this time we’ll see something much stormier.” He added that tomorrow, on Shabbos, rabbonim will join the march.

It is not clear which rabbonim will participate.

Hundreds of police and Border Guard officers will deploy in the frum neighborhoods of the capital, and mainly in Meah Shearim. Police sources say they plan to allow “a quiet, legitimate rally,” but vowed zero tolerance in response to violence.

Fifty-seven frum residents were arrested during last week’s protests and some of them have already been indicted.

Mayor Barkat met with frum city council members yesterday for what was later defined as a “positive” discussion. Contrary to rumors, none of the members has threatened to resign his post over the matter, a fact that was highly criticized by many in the frum community.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Death threats? If this is true, we are in serious trouble. And in the month of Tammuz no less. The only thing that could be worse than this type of sinas chinam is sinas chinam disguised as kavod haShabbos.

  2. its all in the name of religion . shabtai tzvi did his shenanegins also in the name of religion and so do the talbanis. hasem yerachem . arrest all the so call frumme . All they are doing iscasing a major chillul befarvhesia

  3. it might be crazy what they are doing but who r you to judge do you care if a car is driven on shabbo s by a yid like they do? no, when it bothers you like it bothers them then you could say your torah


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