Police Search For Evidence Of Missing Children At Home Of Levi Aron


levi-aron-streetA day after a grand jury indicted Levi Aron for kidnapping, murdering and dismembering Leiby Kletzky, police have returned to Aron’s home to search for possible evidence of other child victims.

Investigators removed a sizable quantity of children’s clothing as well as an array of medications from Aron’s Kensington, Brooklyn home.

Police are digging in Aron’s backyard to see if there is anything that leads to other missing children.

Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes said before Aron allegedly smothered Leiby, he gave him a cocktail of anti-psychotic drugs, muscle relaxants and painkillers.

“We charge that the child was kept for more than 12 hours and there was intent to kill and that’s based upon the ingestion of the medication,” Hynes said, explaining the first-degree murder charge against Aron.

Hynes said investigators are still trying to figure out when exactly Aron allegedly committed the murder.

Police confirmed Aron drove Leiby to upstate Monsey last Monday night, where he attended a wedding while the boy stayed in the car. Then they went back to Brooklyn, authorities said. Leiby stayed in Aron’s apartment Monday night and Tuesday while Aron went to work.

Police spokesman Paul Browne said Leiby was killed either late last Tuesday afternoon or early Tuesday evening – he was likely alive for about a day after he disappeared.

Aron faces a possible life sentence without parole if convicted. He is being held in a psychiatric ward at Bellevue Hospital under tight security. His attorneys met with him for about two and a half hours on Tuesday and said their focus is on their client’s mental state. They are also seemingly laying the groundwork for an insanity defense.

“All we can say at this time without going into specifics upon talking to him for quite some time is that there’s a severe diminished capacity,” said Gerard Marrone, one of Aron’s defense attorneys.

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  2. While it does not change anything now. I still cannot figure out why Leiby did not get away when he had plenty of chances to escape. He waited seven minutes outside a dentists office on Monday, a wedding Monday night in Monsey where he could have looked for the nearest Jew who certainly would have personally driven him home to his parents and then again tuesday while the monster went to work. Was he tied up? or perhaps threatened not to leave? What went on there???????

  3. The evidence seems clear. This is a serial child killer. He was set up with a combination of immobilizing drugs (indicates a level of intelligence on his part)and an array of heavy duty carving knives. His MO was apparently to get rid of his victims in dumpsters. But he kept their clothing as trophies. In the case of Leiby Kletzky Hy”d, he kept the child’s legs in his freezer as well. It was simply hashgacha that this time he got caught. It remains for the detectives to find out about his other hideous crimes.

  4. From the sound of things it seems like this cold murderer had done this act many times before. From the clues found so far, there’s a very small chance that insanity will be able to be used as a defense! The planning, and the omission of the planning in his confession all points to a very evil wickered individual. And the childrens clothing found all points to evil monster style behaviour.

  5. Response to YG. The child may have already been heavily drugged to the extent he was not able to flee. Or, because of timidity he was afraid to go out in an unfamiliar environment.

  6. I believe that many in Brooklyn knew of this monster (and many others) and said nothing. Hopefully, please G-d the protection of these animals will now stop as parents and good people finally stand up and do the right thing. Enough already!

  7. Top your stupid defenses. He knew what bararic tings he wanted t do. Those who defend murderers are gulty in facltaing murder. That’s what you’re doing

  8. The only thing I was defending is shmirat halashon – throwing out hysterical unsubstantiated accusations against a Jew (IF that is indeed what he is) is ASSUR no matter what else he stands accused of so please don’t add to all the stupidity going on here with such ridiculous statements

  9. not long ago a Rabbi brought abuse to the attention of few… it then spread to many more, that is the words of the Rabbi… next, Hatzalah’s revenge, meaning for a few weeks at 2 AM both the fire dept and hatzalah showed up at his house based on false calls to the responders. Standing up in Brooklyn brings much difficulty to one, but not standing up leads to disaster. But to claim one is complicit to this tragedy for not coming forward with accusations is ludicrous.

    The police know within a hour what time this child was murdered… I too find it curious as to why they are allowing for so many rumors instead of just telling the community.

    I suggest we open up our doors, come outside, meet our neighbors near and far. Know who lives among us, that way the next time a child is walking alone, one of us will ask if he/she needs assistance and they wont be afraid to tell us, otherwise I’m afraid we are inviting Soton to visit again.

  10. @YG Leiby did not try to escape because he comes from a tight knit community where people trust and look after each other…He trusted this man as an adult from his community to help him…He was a child and did not realize there was any danger..Hope that helps you to understand better

  11. .this man deserves the DEALTH PENATY…and you people know this… stop making excuses for this murderer and GIVE HIM THE DEALTH PENATY ……

  12. Rather than baying for blood (and then dismissing those who don’t as ‘making excuses for him’) or adding your own pile of extra charges for good measure (serial child killer, evil monster who has done this act many times before etc etc…) how about praying for him and all of us to do teshuva and for some good to come out of this whole tragedy instead


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