Poll: 89% Of Gazans Support Rocket Fire On Israel


rocket-attack-israelA vast majority of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip – 88.9 percent – are in favor of rocket fire on Israel, a new poll shows, while 61 percent say they would not want United Nations forces in the Strip, Ynet reports.

The survey, which was conducted last week by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, found that 60.3 percent “strongly” supported the rocket fire on Israel, while another 28.6 percent said that they supported it. Just 1.4 percent said that they were opposed to the attacks, and only 1 percent expressed strong opposition. Another 1.7 percent said that they did not know how they felt about the strikes.

Furthermore, more than three quarters of those polled, 75.4 percent, said that they believed the resistance had increased Palestinian deterrence during Operation Protective Edge, which ended Tuesday after 50 days. Only 12.8 percent expressed the belief that it had decreased, while 8.1 percent said they thought it had remained the same.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. If this is a true number which I believe it is, you can expect the IDF to destroy 89% of Hamas/Gaza if the negotiations don’t succeed.

  2. If almost all the palestinians support the rocket fire on Israel, why is Israel walking on eggshells when it comes to the fighting in Azza. In the next rounds, carpet bomb them,and finish up the job for once and for all(and save our own soldiers).

  3. Frankly, what the Arabs in Gaza answer in a poll is irrelevant.

    At this time, Arabs in Gaza have no choice but to acquiesce to the whims of Hamas which currently has a media and military chokehold over the population in Gaza.

    Hamas could care less about any polls. Hamas’ existence is predicated upon one thing only: Killing Jews. Period. Full stop.


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