Poll: Israelis Would Vote for Clinton Over Trump Despite Seeing the Mogul as Better For Israel


By BB Portnoy

If the upcoming US presidential election were to be decided by Israeli voters, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton would defeat her Republican challenger Donald Trump, according to a poll published by Israel’s Channel 2 on Wednesday.

When asked who they would vote for, 42% of respondents chose Clinton, while 35% picked Trump. And on the question of who was most fit to serve as president, Clinton beat Trump 47%-31%.

But that does not mean Israelis are in love with the former first lady. Many are concerned about her potential policies regarding the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. 57% of respondents said Clinton would apply more pressure than Trump on Israel to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians, while only 13% believed the opposite.

Also, Trump narrowly edged out Clinton 37%-36% on the question of which candidate would be better for Israel as president.

Over the past seven and a half years, the often frosty personal ties between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu have cast a shadow over the broader US-Israel relationship. When it comes to the next occupant of the White House, Israelis — by a 43%-34% margin — think Trump would have a closer relationship with Netanyahu than Clinton would.

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