Poor Judge Hardiman Just Got Passed By Trump… Again


On Monday, Judge Thomas Hardiman of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals was passed over yet again for a Supreme Court nomination despite being a promising front-runner. The same thing happened to him last year when President Donald Trump instead tapped the Tenth Circuit’s Neil Gorsuch to replace the late Antonin Scalia.

As recently as Monday afternoon, sources said he was a front-runner alongside D.C. federal appellate judge Brett Kavanaugh. Trump instead went with Kavanaugh. At least Hardiman’s hopes weren’t dashed like last time.

In 2017 the White House reportedly sent out two packets of briefing materials to Senators with information on both Hardiman and Gorsuch. White House sources later admitted to leaving reporters with the impression that Hardiman would be there. On top of that, a source reportedly said the judge had been given the sense he could be nominated during a future vacancy.

Maybe when Justice Ginsburg retires.


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