Possible Ramming Attack In Israel, One Killed


A 30-year-old who crossed the road at the Chavat Gilad intersection was hit by a Palestinian taxi and was killed.

The cab driver fled from the area immediately, the taxi was found a few minutes later by authorities and  the driver fled the scene by foot.

The driver was later apprehended by the IDF. According to the police investigation, the driver claims the collision was an accident and he fled out of fear. The driver is still being detained.

Chava Roizin, a resident of Emmanuel, was named as the victim.

{Matzav.com Israel News}



  1. Since guns and knives were apparently unsuccessful, the London Mayor (that Muslim who put Tommy Robinson in jail for reporting Muslim’s atrocities) now wants to ban cars after a car drove into pedestrians. Seriously! Will Israel follow suit?


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