Possible Remains Of Ancient Har Habayis Massacre Discovered


Remains of thousands of Jews massacred by the Romans on the Har Habayis at the time of the destruction of the Bayis Shaini may have been uncovered in Yerushalayim, according to a veteran archaeological journalist.

Veteran journalist Benny Liss released images he filmed of an underground cave on Temple Mount where he found a mass grave. He believes the skeletons are the remains of Jews massacred by the Romans when they destroyed the Har Habayis, but urges the authorities to properly examine the area.

During a conference on Thursday at Megalim – the City of David Institute for Jerusalem Studies, journalist Benny Liss screened a movie recorded a few years ago that clearly shows thousands of skeletons and human bones in what appears to be a mass grave. Liss raised the possibility that the skeletons were the remains of 6,000 Jews, mostly women and children, killed on the Har Habayis when the Romans destroyed the Bayis Shaini , as described in the writings of Flavius Josephus, who witnessed the destruction.

A host of senior archaeologists approached by Israel Hayom said that photographs were not enough to determine the history of the cave and that samples need to be taken from the site and dated.

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