Potential Presidential Candidate Scott Walker Expects To Meet With Netanyahu



Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) said he “absolutely” expects to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he visits Israel next month.

The possible Republican presidential hopeful said that while the meeting has not yet been confirmed, it is his “hope and expectation” that the meeting will happen, the Associated Press reported.

The visit to Israel in May is part of an effort by the Wisconsin leader to increase his foreign policy credentials. Walker left for a visit to Germany, France and Spain on April 10, prior to traveling to Israel in May in order to gain a better understanding of the issues facing Israel and the Middle East.

Walker was recently called out by President Barack Obama, who said that Walker needs to “bone up” on foreign policy in the wake of Walker’s comments that he would revoke any nuclear agreement with Iran if he is elected president.




  1. Walker sees labor unions as the root of all evil. Fortunately Netanyahu is smart enough not to let Walker know that labor unions are very strong in Israel, much stronger than in any of Israel’s enemies, and Walker isn’t smart enough to investigate for himself.

  2. And why does Governor Walker view labor unions as evil? Because they have thrice tried to eject Walker from the Governors Mansion in Madison.

    Over the years, Labor Unions have been busy bleeding dry the State of Wisconsin. Governor Walker is savvy enough to realize this and do what is needed to preserve the financial health of his state.

    BTW — I highly doubt that Governor Walker is meeting with Netanyahu about labor unions.


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