President Rivlin: President Trump is a True Friend of Israel


President Reuven Rivlin addressed current and future Israeli ambassadors and diplomatic mission heads stationed around the world today a meeting at his residence .

In his address, President Rivlin began by thanking the diplomats for their contribution to the State of Israel. He added, “The Middle East and the whole world has undergone dramatic changes in the last year,” and noted the  major arenas that have profoundly influenced Israel, the main of which was the election of President Trump.

“President Trump is a true friend of Israel. His election as leader of the world’s strongest power had an impact almost immediately in our region in general, and on the State of Israel in particular. In my meeting with the President, I was impressed by his intentions to bring about a breakthrough in resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict and his strategic commitment to America’s return to the Middle East.

“The United States stands by Israel, and seeks to rectify historic injustices that we have suffered for many years.  In its clearest expression, this stabilization was reflected in President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. “

Mark Neiman (GPO)




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