President to McConnell: I Won’t Sign Obamacare Repeal


obama-mcconnellOne day after his party took a drubbing in the midterm elections, President Barack Obama said he had no intention of signing a Republican bill to overturn his signature healthcare legislation but would be willing to work with the GOP on other issues.

“On healthcare, there are certainly some lines I’m going to draw,” Obama said in a White House press conference Wednesday. “Repeal of the law I won’t sign.”

The president said he also would resist efforts to weaken the law piecemeal, as Republicans have suggested, including getting rid of the individual mandate.

But he would be agreeable to “responsible changes” to “make it work better,” Obama said. “There’s no law that has ever been passed that is perfect.”

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  1. The employer mandate could easily be eliminated and Obamacare would still work well. However, eliminate the individual mandate will result in only sick people getting insurance, causing premiums to skyrocket.

    Eliminating the medical devices tax is a good idea except that it would blow a big hole in the federal budget. Not that Republican’s care about budget deficits.

    Obama isn’t the main thing stopping the Keystone XL pipeline — it is the Republican governor of Nebraska, who has screwed up the routing through that state so badly that it is now tied up in the courts.

    The Obama administration has been approving the construction of liquified natural gas export terminals, until earlier this year there were none operating in the entire US.


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