President Trump Says Son Barron Just Got Into ‘A Good School’ In Washington


It looks like the Trump family is closer to living under one roof – President Donald Trump says his 11-year-old son, Barron, has been admitted to a Washington school, where he is expected to start classes at the beginning of the school year.

Barron had been living in Manhattan with first lady Melania Trump while he finished classes for the year, and some people in Washington wondered if they would ever set up full-time residence away from their beloved penthouse in Trump Tower.

Asked about that in an interview with Bloomberg News, Trump said his family’s move to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is a done deal. “They’re already set. … In fact, we just got him into a good school,” Trump said, though he declined to say which one.

And pressed about whether White House living would be good for his son, Trump indicated that Barron would be protected.

“It’s a cocoon,” Trump said.

(c) 2017, The Washington Post ยท Emily Heil



    • If you want to know what real pull is, look no further than your tefillin. The act of removing them requires a pull. Lets hope it is with the King. Just a penny thought for a penny day.

  1. Obama, being the ultimate phony that he is, sent his 2 daughters to a private school. Public school wasn’t good enough for his own children. Pheh. So much for being like the little guy. Obama and that wife of his are the worst kind of gold-digging elitists that exist.


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