Presidents Conference Rejects J Street Bid


jstreetJ Street failed to gain admission to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Wednesday. The vote of conference members Wednesday was 17 in favor, 22 against and three abstentions, according to four sources.

J Street needed a two-thirds majority of the entire membership, 34 out of 51, in order to be admitted.

After the results were announced, the organization said it was “disappointed” that its bid had been rejected.

“This is a sad day for us, but also for the American Jewish community and for a venerable institution that has chosen to bar the door to the communal tent to an organization that represents a substantial segment of Jewish opinion on Israel,” it said in a statement. “We applied to the Conference of Presidents because we value Jewish community and the concept of a broad tent of pro-Israel organizations that truly represents our community’s diversity and dynamism. Unfortunately, our bid was thwarted by organizations on the right of the community who do not share those same values.”

The organization also thanked a number of Jewish groups for their support. A number of leading Jewish groups had come out in favor of the dovish Middle East policy group’s entry into the Jewish community’s foreign policy umbrella, including the Anti-Defamation League, arms of the Reform and Conservative movements and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the community’s domestic policy umbrella.

Those groups had argued that the Presidents Conference needed to include what they say is the community’s diverse opinions on Israel.

The Presidents Conference said in a statement issued after the vote that its current membership reflected the community’s diversity.

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  1. Good for them!!!

    They said it themselves: “We applied…because we value…the concept of a broad tent of pro-Israel organizations…”

    J Street is an anti-Israel organization. Its leaders claims that their pro-Palestinian policies and “diverse opinions” are really in Israel’s best interests, and therefore they are pro-Israel, are Orwellian at best and outright lies at worst.

  2. J street is the modern day equivalent to the Brady Bunch for Future Liability. A toilet seat for the jewish mind is not a clapper for his house. This is a disgusting seat of counter decision hope. They want their own toilet ways to be a chocolate bar in the mouth while sitting on the john and a basket of controlled aggression on their laps for their last meal. Not a place of human planning, but hey, Hashem has in fact designed a world where the counter current of humanity always has its clear presence in the world before the world to come. Enjoy American Jewish life!


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