Progress Made at Ground Zero


ground-zeroThe first jumbo column above street level has been put into place at One World Trade Center. That is the building they used to call the Freedom Tower, but they’ve changed the name. This column is 60-feet-long and weighs 70 tons. In all, there will be 24 of these columns that will form the perimeter of the building.

Port Authority officials think that this is a big deal because, up until now, almost all of the activity has taken place below street level.

If you remember, the pit at Ground Zero is 70 feet deep.

Now, the building will start to take shape.

If you come by this area, you will actually watch it taking shape.

This large column will effectively help form a soaring three story lobby in the building.

By the time all 24 of these columns are put into place, it should be the end of fall.

{Peter Haskel-WCBS880/ Newscenter}


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