Prosecutors in Agri Child-Labor Case Drop 110 Counts Filed “By Mistake”


agriProsecutors in the child-labor case against Agriprocessors say they mistakenly filed charges for a worker who had turned 18 years old. The Iowa Attorney General’s Office yesterday sought to dismiss 110 child-labor counts involving one of the workers at the Agriprocessors plant in Postville. The attorney general’s office still has 9,201 counts of child-labor violations pending against the company, its former owner, a top manager and three human resources employees.

The dismissed counts were filed for alleged violations during 55 days in 2008, after the worker’s 18th birthday. Each day carries two violations, one for employing a minor and one for permitting the minor to work with dangerous chemicals.

Last month, Agriprocessors was sold to SHF Industries, owned by Hershey Friedman of Montreal.

{ Newscenter/Des Moines Register}


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