Protesters Gather At Trump Tower For Presidents Arrival


Hundreds of protesters gathered along Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue near Trump Tower on Monday evening, shouting angry slogans and holding signs with crossed-out swastikas and Confederate imagery.

The crowd was part of the continuing backlash against President Donald Trump for his tepid response to the deadly violence sparked by a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, this weekend.

“You have blood on your hands,” protesters shouted, calling the president a white supremacist, before launching into a chant calling for his removal from office. Read more at NBC.



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  2. Where were these hypocrites when Obama went golfing after beheading American journalist James Foley? They were scared they’d be called Racists – which they are – if they’d ever speak about Obama. Go home, you animals. You’d rather wanted more destruction of America? Weren’t the last 8 years, or rather the last 30 years bad enough?

  3. The best part of this protest were the counter protesters made up of chevra with yarmulkas. Best of their signs was GOOGLE. Orthodox Jews voted Trump. We will again in 2020


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