Psak: Depositing Checks in Israeli Banks on Thursday Night and Friday


israeli-bankRav Avraham Yosef, a son of Chacham Ovadiah Yosef and the Chief Rabbi of Cholon, shared an interesting p’sak during his halacha program on Radio Kol Chai on Friday. Rav Yosef said that one should avoid depositing checks into a bank in Israel – where the banks are owned by and employ Jews – on Thursday afternoon and Friday.The problem with this, Rav Yosef says, is that the banks process these checks, and balance the data, on Shabbos itself – Friday night specifically – with Jewish employees.

Rav Yosef adds that one could derive benefit from money deposited in this time-frame on Sunday morning, as the bank does these activities on Shabbos for its own benefit, but one should refrain from it so as to prevent causing others to be mechallel Shabbos. Thus, if you can avoid using money on Sunday that was deposited on Thursday afternoon or Friday, you should try to, but it is allowed.

Rafi G. of Life in Israel points out that it is surprising to hear that the banks work on Shabbos and have employees processing transactions into Friday night.

{Yair Israel/Rafi G}


  1. Wow, now that makes sense! That should apply all over Israel. I see he got his chochma from his father Hagaon Rav Ovadia. Smart point!

  2. What if a banking item (check, standing bank order, etc.) is presented at your bank on Thursday night that would exceeds your approved overdraft limit?

    I understand Rav Yosef’s psak. Are you not supposed to make any deposit on Friday morning to prevent the bank from returning these bank items.

    You are allowed 10 returned checks per year in Israel. If you are reaching this limit, banks in Israel are pretty merciless about returning bank items that would limit your bank account. When your account is limited, no checks can be honored and all credit cards are immediately cancelled.

  3. it seems a little shvear. bothersome.
    acording to the law of the land, it’s assur for business such as banks, to operate on shabbos, and in case of an emergency, they are supposed to hire non-jewish workers.
    somthing doesn’t seem right.

  4. Maybe Matzav would like to go into the investigative journalism business and send this report to the major Israeli banks and ask for their comments.


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