Pushing School Start Times To 8:30 A.M. Could Add Billions To The US Economy


A new study has discovered a simple way to add billions of dollars to the US economy: delay school start times.

A study from the RAND Corporation and RAND Europe found delayed start times could add $83 billion to the US economy by 2027.

The increases would come from improved high school graduation rates leading to better jobs and fewer costs associated with sleep-related car crashes, obesity, and mental illness.
Schools may need to make short-term investments, but the long-term upsides could be worth it. Read more at Business Insider.





  1. What about the trillions that would be wasted by the parents that have to take their kids to school late and come to work even later. Besides, how would a late school day help kids graduate?! Sounds like another idiotic study; hey, you gotta justify government grant money somehow.

  2. Its actually a very good idea! Tean-agers go to sleep very late- its just the way they are. If they were allowed to wake up later, they would be better rested & more physically & emotionally well. This is not advocating for less school hours, they would start later & end later, thus learning the same amount, but with a clearer head.


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