Putin To US Media: Stop Disrespecting The President


Even Russian leader Vladmir Putin can see the media’s treatment of President Trump has passed normal levels of critique.

“Mr. Trump was elected by the American people. And at least for this reason it is necessary to show respect for him, even if you do not agree with some of his positions,” Putin said, before adding this dig: “Inside the country, disrespect is shown for him. This is a regrettable negative component of the U.S. political system.”



  1. The dems made the USA a mockery around the world…
    Started with Clinton embarrassing the Oval Office and lowering the morality of the country…
    It’s been down hill ever since

    They keep stooping lower, seems like it’s a contest who can hit the new low…


  2. Putin is right. The entire world has tremendous respect for America’s Greatest President since President Abraham Lincoln, all but the America media, run by JEALOUS and HATEFUL Leftist who hardly ever report anything positive. The Leftist racists are jealous that the last 30 years of Leftist Presidents (including the RINO Bushes) hadn’t accomplished 1/10 of what the current Wonderful President has already accomplished in less than a year! They’re jealous that President Trump has broken THREE MAJOR ECONOMIC RECORDS and the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE HAS NOT BEEN AS LOW since before President Nixon! even before he lowered the tax. But of course mainstream is concealing it all from the public.

    It was reported that NBC & CNN give a 93% negative coverage on President Trump, NYT 87% negative coverage, The Washington Post 83% negative and Fox News 52% negative.

    Isn’t the President right for calling them Fake News and for using Twitter to get his message across?

  3. Pretty clear- Putin just wants to continue to cause chaos in the American political system. He will keep acting as if he works for Trump, because he knows it will undermine the legitimacy of our free and democratic election process. He couldn’t care less how much respect Trump gets, but he does care about bringing America down.


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