Queen Elizabeth Hospitalized


queen-elizabeth-iiQueen Elizabeth is in hospital “as a precaution”, while she is assessed for symptoms of gastroenteritis, Buckingham Palace says.

The 86-year-old monarch has been taken to King Edward VII Hospital in London, a palace spokesman said.

All official engagements for this week, including the Queen’s trip to Rome, will be either cancelled or postponed.

The Queen was driven to hospital by private car on Sunday, and the palace said she was “in good spirits”.

She had earlier carried out a medal presentation at Windsor Palace, where she has been resting over the weekend.

The BBC’s royal correspondent Peter Hunt says the Queen will remain in hospital under observation for about two days.

The Queen was last in hospital 10 years ago for a minor knee operation.

Read more at BBC.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The Chofetz Chaim (Chofetz Chaim Al Hatorah pages 322-324) said that many of the Tzarus which happened in his days were due to wide-spread laxity regarding Hilchos Tznius.

  2. The Queen of England is one of the most tzniusdik public figures that you’ll find today.

    She’s also 86 years old.

  3. FYI the Queen has reigned 60 years and visited 129 countries. Not once did she visit Israel. They say she sympathizes with the Arab countries and wants to delegitimize the state of Israel. After 60 years her denial of Israel has not ceased.
    Shame on her and her immoral family.
    I have no pity on a false ruler . Neither should G-d.

  4. Tznius is not an obsession Tznius is the way Hashem expects us to dress think and live, i.e. if a Bas Yisroel is walking down the street dressed Tznius and is still talking loud, or making noise with her heals-shoes, she is not fully complying with the laws of Tznius.

  5. Why do we always blame the women when bad things happen. Is tznius the answer to our problems? Look at the men.The tznius should be inside every person. The torah says,’walk humbly with Hashem your G-d’.That is what true tznius is.


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