Queens President: LIPA Says 7 Weeks To Restore Rockaway Power


lipaThe Rockaways won’t have electricity back for seven weeks, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall claimed she has been told by LIPA.

In an interview with 1010 WINS radio, Marshall said the reason she was given was that a transformer had blown.

The 1010 WINS interviewer pointed out that the Long Island Power Authority has said that its customers still without electricity would get it back within days, and asked Marshall to clarify her answer. She repeated that LIPA said it would be seven weeks before the peninsula has power again. That is a far longer time than any official in any area hit by Hurricane Sandy has said it would take for power to be restored anywhere.


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Sounds a little strange. A week, maybe, but seven? Unless the parts are coming in from lunar orbit, I think the lady may have misunderstood something.

  2. Even if people have their own generators that’s a very expensive way to run your electric power. Why can’t they fix it sooner?

  3. That’s Lipa for you!
    Nut hey, where are our elected officials whom we elected to be in charge? Why are they going home each night if we can’t? They ought not draw a salary until they see to it that our tax dollars are being properly spent AND THAT INCLUDES THEIR OFFICES!

  4. Throw Obama out of office and we’ll have a more competent government under Romney. Under Obama, we’ll have more energy shortages, prosperity shortages, and most importantly freedom shortages.


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