R’ Moshe Dovid (David) Kupperman z”l


david-kuppermanIt is with great sadness that we report the passing of R’ Moshe Dovid Kupperman z”l of Queens, NY. Mr. Kupperman is well known to many in the Torah community as a caring and generous baal tzedakah and baal chessed and the benefactor of two buildings of Bais Faiga Elementary School of Lakewood, NJ, home to over 1,300 talmidos and one of the largest schools of its kind in North America.

David and his wife, Anya, both Holocaust survivors, dedicated the Bais Faiga Gratter Building, located on Park Avenue in Lakewood, in 1998. That building houses the primary thru second grade classes of the school. The Kuppermans further assisted Bais Faiga in 2006 by providing funds for the purchase of an additional property that includes a dining room, five classrooms and seven tutoring rooms.

bais-anyaDavid’s latest project is currently in middle of being constructed behind the main Bais Faiga building, on Clifton Avenue. Mr. Kupperman dedicated the building in honor of his wife, Anya. The “Bais Anya building,” as it will be known, will house the junior high school classes – the seventh and eighth grades – of Bais Faiga, and will contain 20 classrooms and a multi-purpose room.

That building, and the other buildings the Kuppermans dedicated, will now serve as a memory of Mr. Kupperman’s generosity and will serve as a zechus for his neshamah.

The Kuppermans were the guests of honor at the Lakewood Cheder and Bais Faiga 46th Anniversary Dinner in May 2012.

The levaya will take place this morning in New York. The aron will then be flown from JFK Airport to Eretz Yisroel for kevurah.

Yehi zichro boruch.

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  1. Sounds like he and his aishes chayil were very special. May their memory inspire additional wealthy people to open their hands.

  2. I think every community has couples like this, who have managed to spread simcha and make such an impact on their communities. May all members of klal Yisrael tap in to their kochos and manage to find and share joy and meaning (and yes, ultimately kol mishalos libam l’tova). Our lives are greatly enriched.

  3. Reb Moshe Duvid was also a strong supporter of Kolel Chibas Jerusalem Reb Meyer Baal Haness Charities. He helped build the dental clinic of Kolel Chibas Jerusalem in Ashdod and supported it. He was a wonderful person who had a good word for every person. He will be greatly missed. T.N.Z.B.H.

  4. the hespedim each one spoke amazing- rav hershel schechter /rav savitsky/ rav bergman/ someone from bobov the niftar was at the kedushas tzion sedarim/ he finished tur beis yosef 3 times/ donated millions – yeshiva ketana queens/ laniado hosp. wing/ beis faiga sent 2 buses of girls/bobov was closest to his heart/ 2 buildings/ rav krinsky from chabad was there/ korn from skver kollel…..

  5. I read the beautiful ad from Bais Faiga this week. May Bubby Kupperman have nachas and share her simchas hachayim for many years to come.

  6. Today is my beloved Tatte’s Yahrzehit, Z’TL, and I miss him every single day. My Mother, thank G-d is still very much alive, A’MOSH–so thank you, Monsieur Tisha Kabin, for pointing that out. I personally attended nearly EVERY single one of our Yeshivah and Hospital dedications in accompaniment with my wonderful parents, both here and in Eretz Yisrael.
    Kindly be more sensitive and respectful and remember that Moshe Dovid and Anya Kuppemann have a very devoted and loving daughter?
    It would also be nice if you might spell our last name correctly. My Tatte was a finer man than you can possibly imagine. As frum as he was, MY FATHER was an educated, refined, and cultured man who loved classical music, literature, and the arts. He was a true gentleman in the best sense of the word.
    Most sincerely yours,
    Professor Wendy Joy Kuppermann


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