R’ Nachman Caller to Assemblyman Dov Hikind: Promise To Serve As A Committee Member If Elected


nachman-callerOn Thursday, the campaign of R’ Nachman Caller for the State Assembly demanded that Assemblyman Dov Hikind publicly commits himself to serve as a committee member in the State Assembly if reelected on Tuesday.

In a statement on Thursday, Assemblyman Dov Hikind shamelessly claimed that a representative elected by voters in the district would be ineffective in Albany. He, however, did not disclose that he has not served as a member of a single committee since elected 3 decades ago. Not to mention him not showing up 47% of the time during the legislative session and voting to increase taxes 539 times.
“Assemblyman Hikind did not find it important enough to serve as a member of the housing Committee or any other committee of the State Assembly in order to advocate for the community’s needs,” said State Assembly candidate R’ Nachman Caller. “Had Mr. Hikind taken his job seriously, he could have become chairman of the Housing Committee and solve the housing crisis years ago.”
“Mr. Hikind must publicly commit himself to serve as a committee member in the State Assembly, in order to be taken seriously on his promises to serve as a representative of the community,” added R’ Nachman Caller. “If I am fortunate enough to earn your vote next Tuesday, you have my pledge: I will serve as an advocate for the community and I will serve as a fighter for important laws that are passed by the Republican-controlled State Senate, and fight for our community’s fair share before the bills come for a floor vote – day in day out.”

R’ Nachman Caller is running on the Republican Party line and on the ‘Housing and Jobs’ Party line in the 48th Assembly District, which includes the neighborhoods of Borough Park and Midwood.

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