R’ Shlomo Lewenstein Expresses Support for ShidduchVision-Videoconferencing



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To Whom It May Concern:

As regards ShidduchVision-videoconferencing:

ShidduchVision was created to facilitate dates between people who may be in a different city, to save the cost, time and need to travel. They can meet from different cities or even countries for the first few times; if it’s on target they can
continue in person. I think that this will greatly assist people in Shidduchim and I lend my full support to this program.

Shlomo Lewenstein

(Rabbi Shlomo Lewenstein is a noted shadchan who resides in Lakewood, NJ.)

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  1. If Rabbi Lewinstien would declare himself moshiach, I would follow him. As someone who recently got involved in shidduchim I see how much temptation there is out there to be corrupt, by lying, favoring the rich,etc. Im now amazed that besides for being so good at what he does , he is also so honest, straight, and genuinely caring. I noticed recently that because of his fame, alot of people ask him to red specific shidduchim. I think that while that should be done occasionally, we need to give him more space so he has time to suggest his own ideas. Also I wonder if he has any ideas how to solve the learning gap. I think that is destroying us from within. I really feel that its the root of all problems society is facing.

  2. I recall reading somewhere a few months ago that it is endorsed by prominent rabbonim. It might have been featured in Mishpacha magazine- I can’t recall for sure though and can’t remember the rabbonim. I’m sure you can ask them to provide a list of those who endorse it.

    Perhaps a greater hurdle would be to have the boys and girls (especially the ‘black hat’ type agree to do it. I’ve heard people scoff at it, only because it’s still a novelty. If it could be marketed well to the people who really need its services, then you’re in business.

  3. Please forgive, I am new here and unacquainted with the concept called “the learning gap”. Kindly elaborate .

  4. Rabbi Lewenstein is a great guy, people should pay him for every shidduch he arranges and they go out, people beg him to help them BUT what about helping him?

  5. i think shlomo is the best shadchan out there,and its disgusting how ppl take advantage of him thinking he is there personal private detective .
    he should be paid 10 bucks a side per date and so with anyone else


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