R’ Yigal Rosen Shlit’a On Technology: It’s Like Avoda Zara!


Israel Rosh Yeshivat Or his disciples: “Even in our time we ask for the cancellation of foreign Dabodh Itzra”

At a speech given in his yeshiva in Petach Tikva, R’ Rabbi Yigal Rosen gave encouragement to talmidim who held back from owning a device with Internet connection, describing the great dangers latent in all such devices.

“We are not able to withstand it much longer,” he said. We must ask the Borei Oilam to be mevatel the tayva for technology, just like Ezra was mevatel the tayva for avoda zara.”

{Matzav Israel}


  1. This is so true it’s an epidemic I see my husband on the phone all the time he has no time for anything else except a look at the phone I don’t know what he’s looking at but it just keeps him busy all the time I should be worried.

  2. What about matzav.com? Are they also avodah zara? The way they worship certain people, it would lead one to believe that they dean avodah zara.

  3. Is it a device or a content that’s evil? Even before the days of internet, some would find the bad content. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to address the actual issue as opposed to a mere particular method? Instead of designing new takonos, just imagine how much less problems would there be if all the boys got married by the age of 18 – which just happens to be the way CHAZAL prefer it. Yeshivos concentrating more on emesdik Yiras Shamaim would also help.


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