Rabbi Aryeh Lemberger zt”l


By BJLife Newsroom

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Rabbi Aryeh Lemberger zt”l of Toronto, husband of Mrs. Rochel Lemberger , father of Mrs. Chavi Weingarten Mrs. Giti Samsonovitch, Mrs. Sorah Ruby, R. Nosson Lemberger, R. Yitzchok Lemberger, Mrs. Miriam Hertzka, Reb Moshe Lemberger, Mrs. Tirtza Ulman, Mrs. Rivki Choen, Mrs. Nechama Jenowski, Reb Chaim Zev Lemberger and brother of Rabbi Yitzchak Lemberger (formerly of Baltimore now of Detroit).

Shiva will be observed at 5 Banton Road Toronto, Ontario M3H3G9 (416.638.7985).

Rabbi Yitzchok Lemberger may be reached on (347) 410-1717


Shacharis: 7:45 Am

Mincha: 8:45 PM (Erev Shabbos: 2:00 PM)

Maariv: 9:45 PM



  1. BD”E. Such sad news. He was such a wonderful man. Always full of a Torah’dik Simchas Hachaim. It was a sight to behold. Can anyone fill in a biographical sketch?


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