Rabbi Avigdor Slatus, Mara D’asra of Bnei Brith Jacob in Savannah, GA, On Stop the Talking in Shul



  1. Rav Slatus, Sh’lita was a Talmid of Mirrer Yeshiva in Brooklyn. At a Kinus that was held in 1985 at Yeshiva Torah Vodaas for the purpose of encouraging Talmidim to go into Chinuch type fields, he was one of the speakers. He related the, Boruch Hashem, great success he was having as a Rov in Savannah in getting people into Limud HaTorah.

    • Thank you. It’s nice to know the background and history of these Rabbonim who gave up their personal comfort of living in a thriving heimisha community, in order to be michazeck others in far flung communities with small Frum populations. Many of these communities only have one shomer shabbos Shul. Kol hakavod.


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