Rabbi Danese To Open 2nd Yeshiva For Bochurim Who Are Without School


yehoshua-daneseRabbi Yehoshua Danese, after successfully establishing a yeshiva high school this year in the Bronx, is now opening a second yeshiva to cater to young men with the same dilemma in Brooklyn.

“Though in the Bronx, at a point, we were growing, there were boys from Brooklyn who did not want to stay there, it was determined and decided to also form a second yeshiva for those young men,” Rabbi Danese told Matzav.com.

Despite being a Brooklyn school, Yeshivas Meishev Nefesh, as it has been dubbed, will have a dormitory for boys who are from out-of-town.

“Meishev Nefesh – the name speaks for itself, as to what we will be fostering and focusing on with our talmidim,” says Rabbi Danese.

“Many boys, unfortunately, are asked to leave their yeshivas after Pesach. We will be opening for them. We will be catching everyone, making sure no one falls,” assures Rabbi Danese. “All we are asking is that parents call and let us know what is happening. We are prepared to help their sons.”

Rabbi Danese is a veteran and extremely popular rebbi who spent the past fifteen years teaching in eight different schools, guiding and inspiring over a thousand talmidim, most notably in the Torah Academy of Brooklyn. Rabbi Danese is proactively working with the Agudah to securely ensconce Yeshivas Meishev Nefesh with the New York Board of Education, in which there will be a full limudei chol program, gym, swimming, night-time learning and activities every evening, with the aim to encourage the boys to learn in Eretz Yisroel after high school. “This will be a yeshiva,” guarantees Rabbi Danese, “which bochorim will be proud and happy to be a part of.”

Yeshivas Meishev Nefesh will be opening April 27. Rabbi Danese can be reached at 347 274 4914 or at ymnefesh@gmail.com if you would like more information and/or to schedule an interview.

{Gavriel Sitrit-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The reason he’s opening another school is because more yeshivas are throwing kids out!!!!! What in the world are these people thinking????????? Rabbi Danese deserves every ounce of support from all communities.


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