Rabbi Goldschmidt: “Hashem Was Watching Over Me’


stabbing[Videos herehere, and here.] The man stabbed in Yerushalayim today, Rabbi Avraham Goldschmidt, father of four, from Betar Illit, told the media from his hospital bed that he was on his way back from a shiur when he was stabbed by an 18-year-old terrorist from Bir Zeit.

“He came from behind me. I felt a blow to the stomach, and I saw a 17-year-old Arab holding a knife. I yelled to everyone, ‘stabbing!’ – so everyone would get away. He came up to stab me again. I hit him with my tefillin bag, and he went backward – but then he came at me again. I ran to the pedestrian crossing and shouted that it was a stabbing and asked whoever has weapons to neutralize him.

“Barkat and his personal guard were there, thank God, and here I give them thanks. They showed remarkable resourcefulness, seeing as the terrorist still held a knife in hand.” Only after the terrorist no longer posed a danger did Rabbi Goldschmidt realize that he was full of blood.

“I had just finished learning Torah and came from davening, and this is probably what helped,” he said. “Hashem watches over us, and always will.”

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Will we hear a peep from Susan Rice or the great war hero John Kerry?
    Answer: Of course not! Jewish blood is cheap. The Obama administration doesn’t care


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