Rabbi Lapin on Ferguson Riots: Liberalism’s ‘Twisted Pathology … It’s Kristallnacht in Germany’


daniel-lapinScholar, best selling author, and talk radio host Rabbi Daniel Lapin said the rioting and looting in Ferguson, Mo., over the non-indictment of the police officer who shot Michael Brown were the result of the “dark pathology of liberalism” and, in its “delight in destruction,” echoed the “Kristallnacht in Germany.”

“When the liberal project, when the dark pathology of liberalism — not so much a doctrine as a sick and twisted pathology — manages to strip Judeo-Christian belief out of American society, congratulations guys, welcome to Ferguson, you succeeded,” said Rabbi Lapin on the Dec. 3 Glenn Beck Program.

Beck then said that, “Nobody seems in the press to notice that this is the Occupy Wall Street movement all over again.”

Lapin said, “Yes, it is, exactly the same people. The same people, same beliefs, same nihilism, same delight in destruction. You know, it’s Kristallnacht in Germany.”

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  1. This comparison would be apt if Kristallnacht violence had been perpetrated against German buildings at random, not only Jewish ones. In Ferguson, looted shopowners seem to have been mainly black.

  2. Lapin is a bum looking to instigate hate crimes against true liberal democratic blessings. This is not liberalism. This is permissive anarchy. Liberalism only teaches us not to break their backs.

    This is radical right wing hate, but good for him for trying to classify the idiots with crimes of the past.


  3. How can a Rabbi talk about “Judeo-Christian” anything? The religions have been different for almost 2,000 years.

    And while the refusal to indict the officers in both the Ferguson and Staten Island cases was reasonable given the evidence, it is completely insensitive to not think that we as Jews would not be up in arms had it been an Jew killed by police action. In fact, we DID protest the NYPD killing of Gidone Busch in 1999 even though Busch was brandishing a hammer. (Garner and Brown were both unarmed.)

    And the comparison to Krystallnacht both distorts history and defames the memory of the victims of that pogrom which represented the memory of the Shoah. Krystallnacht was perpetrated by a vile anti-Semitic totalitarian regime that would shortly target us for genocide; these protests are barely organized at all and do not have support from the machinery of government.

    How about some points of view that are more connected to reality?

  4. Very twisted !!!!

    those people are rioting against a perceived injustice. Kristallnacht was pogrom against the Jewish people.

    when I hear that Obama is considering sanctions against Israel I think of Nazi Germany 1933

  5. I have to humbly disagree with the above comments and somewhat defend this talmid chacham who is both a nephew and a talmid of Rav Elya Lopian Z”TL. I don’t know him but I heard him speak twice and read his book, “America’s Real War.” I highly recommend it.
    My only disagreement with him would be that I detest Holocaust comparisons. Regarding his other statements, he is 100% correct.
    A few points in no particular order:
    1- Liberalism has created a situation where certain communities can riot, loot, and pillage at whim without significant consequence.
    2- The riots were very well orchestrated and coordinated.
    3- I do not know the percentage of businesses and real estate in Ferguson owned by blacks or whites and I suspect that my fellow commenters don’t know either.
    4- The term Judeo-Christian is not a religious term. It’s a description of American culture founded on shared principles. I understand the visceral negative reaction to the term, but it’s harmless.
    5- If you take the time to read Rabbi Lapin’s books and articles you will see that he articulates a vision of what America stands for that is truly a Malchus shel Chessed that can remain bisyata diShmaya a haven for Yidden until Moshiach. As America drifts from these values, it becomes more like a European secular materialistic multicultural polyglot that crumbles in the face of the mob.
    6- Think of what would happen if the inner city mobs were influenced by radical Islam, with the aid of liberal indifference. Far fetched? Not really.


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