Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz: His Vision, Wisdom, and Warmth lit up the World


The newly released biography of Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz z’l is a perfect gift for any graduate or individual looking for the strength to overcome life’s obstacles. It’s for all of us!

Just about a year ago, we lost a giant. Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz, whose first yahrzeit is this Friday, was the founder of ArtScroll. He taught Klal Yisrael how to daven and how to learn; now, through the lessons of his life, he will teach us how to surmount adversity and become better people.

Written by bestselling author, Rabbi Yisroel Besser, the newly released book — Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz: His vision, wisdom and warmth lit up the world — is a story of challenges and triumph, and the power of a dream.

This is not your typical “born a genius; everything is perfect” biography. Rabbi Zlotowitz was born with tremendous challenges and overcame challenges throughout his life — the types of challenges we face on a daily basis: peer struggles, academic challenges, and barriers in reaching the next level. He overcame them all by focusing on his dreams. His life story is a reminder of what happens when a person has the courage and determination to access those dreams.

How did a young graphic artist create a Torah revolution, start a company — and a Torah Revolution— called ArtScroll? How did he take a boy’s vision — “One day,” young Meir told a friend, a fellow camper, “I will translate all of Shas into English!” — and turn it into a reality that has surpassed everyone’s wildest dreams? As Rabbi Besser reflects, “Rabbi Zlotowitz practically invented this industry; the entire vibrant world of Torah publishing is a tribute to him. But under the impact of this man is a very real, personal story. So many peaks and valleys, ups and downs, heartache and adversity before triumph.”

His personal story is deeply moving and very relevant to our lives. It will make you a better spouse and parent, a more conscious boss and a more loyal friend. It helps you realize that acts of kindness go a long way. You will find yourself asking, “What would Reb Meir do in this situation?” and you will do it!

There are countless examples of kindness in the book, such as how…

…he was on the phone with a random IT worker one morning and said, “You sound tired.” The guy conceded that, in fact, he was drained; his son was in the hospital and he was spending nights with the boy, and the worry and lack of sleep were taking a toll. RMZ called the guy’s boss and said, “Did you know your employee was going through a hard time? You are his boss, and that’s part of your job — take care of him.”

…he would sometimes receive a wedding invitation and call the baal simchah to ask if they needed a loan, and if so, could he help them arrange it.

…he steadfastly refused to go into business deals with donors, even though they wanted his insight, connections, and acumen, because he felt that then it would be about him, not Klal Yisrael, and he had a mission.

This book is a masterpiece that will inspire you to reach out and follow your dreams while investing yourself in those closest to you or those who were put into your life for a reason. Behind the legend, the dreamer, the visionary, was a man, and Rabbi Besser paints us a multifaceted picture of his talents, his challenges, his troubles, and victories. This book is rich with valuable life lessons: Treat the world with kavod and strive for excellence.

Take your life to the next level with these stories of warmth, wisdom, and impact! This is not only an inspirational book about how he did it but how you can too! Every ordinary life has the potential to become EXTRAORDINARY.

Each graduation or crossroads in one’s life is an invitation to make positive choices, an opportunity for further self-exploration and a call to action to move an ordinary life into an extraordinary one. We all carry the power within; we simply need to activate it, as told in the biography of Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz. This inspirational model — based on the life and legacy of Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz, who spread his vision, wisdom, and warmth — helps us all to dream that the impossible is possible.




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