Rabbi Shimon Finkelman Authors Biography On Shlomie Gross z”l


shloime-grossShlomie Gross evoked joy and excitement wherever he went. He was a successful businessman and an activist for more worthy causes than anyone knew about.

He was warm, humorous, charismatic. But that was not the secret of his popularity.

Above all, Shlomie’s heart was – as a friend put it – “as huge as his frame.” He was everyone’s best friend, because he cared for every Jew like a brother. He made poor people feel like they were doing him the favor when he gave them tzedakah. When a person needed major surgery that he could not afford, Shlomie was not content to give generously; he made phone call after phone call until he raised all the money.

Now, thanks to the pen of Rabbi Shimon Finkelman, Yidden around the world will be able to learn more about the life of Reb Shloime Gross.

shloime-grossIn a riveting biography published by ArtScroll Mesorah Publications, the reader comes to know the many facets of this unique person. Shlomie was blessed with devoted parents whom he loved and respected and who imbued him with the values that stayed with him all his life, but he faced great challenges growing up. He had a restless nature and could not focus in the classroom. He went from yeshiva to yeshiva, searching for the success that eluded him. As he matured and married his eizer kenegdo, Shlomie became more adept at channeling his boundless energy positively. And then an encounter with a renowned rosh yeshiva became a life-changing experience. From then on he grew as a ben Torah, and his young family grew with him.

Shlomie was, in his own words, “a regular guy.”

But he was wrong.

People who knew him recognized that in his chessed and love of fellow Jews he was one in a generation. He revered gedolei Yisroel and they in turn loved and admired him. They knew that his was the shoulder that every poor man, every widow and orphan, could lean on for support.

He also developed a relationship with troubled teenagers whose lives he helped turn around. They came to realize that everyone could be like Shlomie – and many of them changed their lives because of his encouragement and example.

When you read this book, you’ll love him and wish you had known him. You’ll Say that knowing him would have made you a better person. You’ll find yourself saying, “What would Shoimie have done?” And you’ll do it.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I did not have the good fortune to know Shlomo z’l but I am thrilled that artscroll is writing a book about a chasuve askan and baal tzedakah.

    While Gedolim books are fantastic we need books about askanim to motivate our children as well.


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