Rabbi Spero: Obama ‘Cleverly Using’ Jewish Dems to Defend Iran Deal€


rabbi-aryeh-speroPresident Barack Obama uses Jewish Democrats to hawk his agenda on Iran, and that’s why California Sen. Dianne Feinstein lashed out at Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu on Sunday, says Rabbi Aryeh Spero.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Sen. Feinstein is a hit man for the administration,” Spero said Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”

“I think that the administration is cleverly using Jewish officeholders like Sen. Feinstein, [Rep.] Jan Schakowsky in Chicago, [Rep.] Steve Cohen [of Tennessee] and [Rep. John] Yarmuth from Kentucky. He’s using them to give credence and legitimacy to say this is not anything that’s going to adversely affect Israel. But it will.”

Feinstein on Sunday told CNN’s “State of the Union” that she wishes Netanyahu “would contain himself” from speaking out against the Iran nuclear deal “because he has put out no real alternative.”

Spero disagreed with that, saying Feinstein should have paid closer attention when she attended Netanyahu’s joint speech to Congress in March.

“In the speech he talked about keeping the sanctions; the sanctions were working,” Spero said. “He also mentioned that Iran has to renounce terrorism in order to become part of the civilized … nations.”

Spero said that while some American Jews care about Israel, many liberal Jewish people have a stronger allegiance to the Democratic Party.

“There are many Jews, Israel is not important to them. It’s rather secondary,” he said. “Their loyalty is to the Democrat Party, to the president, who represents the party. They often seem embarrassed to try to defend Israel.”

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  1. Jewish Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for being played like marionettes by Obama.

    These are perfect examples of non free thinking individuals. They would rather goose-step to Obama’s radical left-wing sheet music more than anything else.

    What a disgrace.

  2. What about us? True we do not throw Israel under the bus, but do we lobby our congressman and senators to oppose this deal?
    Do we organize mass demonstrations in support of Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu and in opposition of such a terrible deal?
    It seems that aside for tefilos, our hishtadlus is reserved for only things that affect our community directly. Why???


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