Rabbinates To Launch Database Of Husbands Refusing To Grant Divorces


Israeli and European rabbinates are collaborating to set up a database listing the names and photos of images of Jewish husbands who have refused to grant their wives a divorce or who have gone missing amid their refusal. The database plan was discussed during the past week at a conference for European rabbinical judges in Brussels.

The database will help combat the phenomenon of Jewish husbands refusing to grant their wives a get. In some cases, such husbands move away to other communities. The database will allow such communities to sanction the husbands, reported Yediot Achronot.

The head of the Israeli Rabbinical Courts Administration’s Agunos Department, Rabbi Eliyahu Maimo, who spoke at the conference, described earlier this month how in one recent case the rabbinate was forced to hire several private detectives to locate a divorce-refusing husband.

“We followed him as he rode his electric bicycle home. There he was placed under arrest, sat in jail for 24 hours—and this morning he gave the get,” Maimo told Israel National News.

“We arrest some 30-50 men each year for this purpose, and 95 percent of them give a get within a day of being arrested. In this case, the man gained nothing over these ten years, other than having to live underground for all that time. We would like to make it clear to everyone: A man who refuses to give a get, there is no point in hiding,” he said.


{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. I know of a case where the wife hade to hire a detective and lots of people to watch the earport before leaving E”Y, after one of his many visits on “incognito” changing his looks everytime. The lady was an aguna for over 10 years. This crazy guy tapt their telephon and harrased the children and the autorities did not do anything to help her.
    Finaly they were able to point to the police who he was. Was detened – he claimed he wes from the FBI- CHA! – gave her theget — but the abuse does not stop there. He continues to look for the kids — kidnaps them for days, and puts them against their mother…
    I really hope the autorities find a way to put a stop to all this taking in consideration the well being of the children that could grow to copy all this terrible behavours R”L.


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