Rabbinical Advocates As Mediators


In the teeth of opposition from professional circles, the Knesset Legislative Committee authorized rabbinical advocat/es, people qualified to serve as lawyers in botei din, to serve as mediators in legal family affairs.

In line with a request from MK Uri Maklev of UTJ, the ministry also decided that a Chief Rabbinate semicha or its recognized equivalent will be equivalent to an academic degree in regard to the conditions required to be included in the courts’ mediator list.

This advancement was part of MK Maklev and Gafni’s efforts to instate affirmative action for chareidi employment in the public sector.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. We in America are fortunate to have Rabbinim shlita across the spectrum advocating for mediation/pshara as opposed to binding arbitration/shtarr birruim. In fact a Mediation center has recently been opened in Lakewood NJ and Monsey NY. Please encourage your Rov to join the effort.
    Gmar Tov


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