Rabbis Commend Governor Bobby Jindal For Defending Religious Freedom


bobby-jindalYesterday, over 50 Orthodox rabbis sent this letter of support to Governor Bobby Jindal for his efforts to strengthen the important American tradition of religious freedom. Observant Jews are easy targets for discrimination because of their unique religious practices.

The United States has historically recognized the critical role of religion in a democratic society and the crucial need to protect religious freedoms for all its citizens. However, even today, Jews sometimes find themselves subject to discrimination against their religious practices. Americans need to vigilantly defend their liberty or risk losing it. These rabbis commended Governor Jindal and all defenders of religious freedom.

Here is their statement:

We, Orthodox rabbis from across the United States, join in commending Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal in his fight for religious freedom. This great country was built on a foundation of faith in the Almighty and the freedom to worship Him, each in our own way. Religious communities fight poverty, educate children, provide for the elderly, build strong families and endeavor to bring down God’s grace on this country. As Jews, we have historically known religious persecution and appreciate the blessed freedom of religion constitutionally provided in the United States. This freedom is under attack and Governor Jindal is stepping forward to protect the rights of all people to practice their religion. We thank Governor Jindal and all those who stand up for our rights and those of religious people across America. May God bless them and this great country.


Rabbi Elie Abadie
Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein
Rabbi Dr. Baruch Amiri
Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer
Rabbi Dr. David Berger
Rabbi Gershon Bess
Rabbi Asher Biron
Rabbi Kenneth Brodkin
Rabbi Michael Cohen
Rabbi Chaim Crupar
Rabbi Avrohom Czapnik
Rabbi Ezra Douek
Rabbi Ephraim Epstein
Rabbi Ilan Feldman
Rabbi Dov Fischer
Rabbi Abraham Florans
Rabbi Yerachmiel Fried
Rabbi Dr. Gershon Gewirtz
Rabbi Shaul Gold
Rabbi Sander Goldberg
Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer
Rabbi Yosef Grossman
Rabbi Yitzchok Gutterman
Rabbi Avrohom Hoffman
Rabbi Howard Katzenstein
Rabbi Eytan Kobre
Rabbi Tzion Kokis
Rabbi Eliezer Langer
Rabbi Levi Langer
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Rabbi Harry Maryles
Rabbi Nathan Neuberger
Rabbi Daniel Nosenchuk
Rabbi Yehuda Oppenheimer
Rabbi Moshe Parnes
Rabbi Marc Penner
Rabbi Gavriel Price
Rabbi Steven Pruzansky
Rabbi Yitzchok Rosenbaum
Rabbi Jonathan Rosenberg
Rabbi Eliyahu Safran
Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld
Rabbi Dov Schreier
Rabbi Tsvi Schur
Rabbi Simcha Shabtai
Rabbi Zecharia Sionit
Rabbi Ze’ev Smason
Rabbi Aryeh Spero
Rabbi Nahum Spirn
Rabbi Leonard Steinberg
Rabbi Eli Stern
Rabbi Gil Student
Rabbi Michael Taubes
Rabbi Akiva Tendler
Rabbi Sholom Tendler
Rabbi Avrohom Union
Rabbi Meir Weiner
Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb
Rabbi Jeff Wohlgelernter
Rabbi Yitz Wyne
Rabbi YIM Yagod

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