Rabbis to Bennett: Include Shas and UTJ


naftali-bennett Several prominent rabbis identified with the Religious Zionist movement urged HaBayit HaYehudi to ensure that chareidi parties are included in the government now being formed. Rabbi Elyakim Levanon, one of the most important Religious Zionist rabbis in Samaria, and Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, the chief rabbi of Tzefas and son of former Chief Rabbi Rav Mordechai Eliyahu zt”l, recommended strongly in a letter to Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett that he negotiate with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to include Shas and United Torah Jewry in the government.

The two rabbis are considered among the top rabbinical supporters of Bayit Yehudi, and in recent days have been working behind the scenes to convince Bennett not to enter the government without the inclusion of the chareidi parties. On Monday, the two went public with a letter to Bennett, which they released to several web sites.
The rabbis wrote that they were “worried” that “negotiations for a coalition are taking place in an atmosphere of complete dismissal of chareidi parties. With all the differences in ideologies and stances, we are, after all, Jews who believe in the observance and support of the Torah. We call on you in a clear voice: Include the chareidi parties in the negotiations,” and build a coalition with them, instead of with Yesh Atid, the rabbis wrote.

“We are aware of the harsh statements by members of the chareidi parties,” the rabbis wrote. “But we must ignore these insults, and not repay them their for their actions in kind. We must be cognizant of the honor of Torah, and the honor of the Land of Israel, which will follow. How can we educated our children to love their fellow Jews if their political leaders do not do so themselves?”

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  1. I think its a little to late for that now. Time for the Frumer to move out of Eretz Yisroel. In America you can learn in peace. Who needs Israel?

  2. The problem with moving to the US is called immigration control – the same immigration control everybody talks about to keep Latinos out. There are immigration quotas, visa controls, and measures to make sure that people coming in don’t end up going on welfare. How is a ben yeshiva with a family, no money and no trade or occupation going to get in?

    Who needs Israel? The Jews who live there. Unless, of course, you don’t count non-Hareidi Jews as “real” Jews.

  3. While this may be too little, too late, this is NOT the first time over the last few weeks that choshuva D”L rabbonim and D”L Gedolim have called on Bennett to reverse course on his alliance with Lapid or his support for drafting bochurim or on forming a “Torah bloc” with the chareidim. There have been many and Bennett has simply ignored them all.

    And that is precisely the point. D”L claim that chareidim do not respect their Gedolim. Never mind that I have seen members of the D”L community spew some of the worst bile against chareidi Gedolim for a moment, my question is simply this: why should WE show any more respect for these rabbonim than their own community does? Why should WE listen to them or take them seriously when YOU don’t?

    I realize I am making a sweeping generality, that Bennett is just one man, and this certainly does not reflect the view of every single member of the D”L community. However, his policies were a known quantity and you voted for him anyway. And where is the outcry from the D”L rank-and-file “Hey, Bennett, listen to our Gedolim”? All I hear is a deafening silence.

    For those that call themselves Daati Leumi, this is a defining moment. You insist you are Torah Jews. Well I say: the proof is in the pudding. It’s time to decide what you are at your CORE: are you daati or are you leumi? How long will you jump between two branches? If you ARE Torah Jews then listen to your Gedolim! Join in their chorus, lift up your voices, scream if you have to. Demand that Bennett heed the words of your rabbis.

    Like all politicians, Bennett wants power and influence and he needs YOU to have it. Even if for no other reason, he will listen to you if you cry out. If he doesn’t, that’s on him, but if you remain silent, that’s on YOU.

  4. the frum should move out of Eretz Yisroel and let it be desecrated by these people??

    NO, the frum must come to EY and VOTE .. the more we vote the more seats in the Knesset we get and therefore more power to change things.

    There is so much wrong with America as well. You don’t need the army to get kids off the derech.. you have the enticement of all the things that the goyim are doing ..

  5. I was learning in Eretz Yisroel in 1987 when Maran Rav Shach ZT”L got up by his annual summer Yarchei Kalla in Ponovitch, and cried, if the Israely Government will force the Yeshevalite to close their Gemorah and join the army, WE WILL LEAVE ERETZ YISROEL AND LEARN IN CHUTZ LE’ARETZ!!!

    I as a Frum American Ben Torah, work full time, learn every morning before work, every evening after work and the Government doesn’t bother me. They even encourage me. I’m also involved in Kiruv. Here in America there is no hostility/animosity from “chiloni/non frum” towards Frum/Bnei Torah. Baruch Hashem there is peace between the 2 camps. We can knock on doors Chanuka, Purim, Succos, Pesach, etc.. & no one will shout at us. In “Israel” (you’ve got to love that medina of yours!) there is an unhealthy HATRED towards frum people(making Kiruv extremely difficult)!

    Where is it written in the Torah that its a chiyuv to live in “Israel”?
    I guess Reb Moshe, Reb Yaakov, Reb Aaron, Reb Shmuel, Satmar Rebbe, Lubavitcher Rebbe, etc, etc, etc… must of missed that Pasuk!

  6. I wonder what R’Shach would say now seeing what America is like. What the American president is like.. The fact that state after state is legalizing Toeiva marriage… The fact that the state of NY is getting into how a Bris Milah is performed!!!

    I don’t know where in America you are but the Reform is quite fierce in American hence the encarceration of Rubashkin.. There is a lot of hostility from the Modern Orthodox . You don’t need it from the secular.

    I live in Israel . The secular love shmoozing with my husband!!
    Stop going by what you read in the media..

    There is no “chiyuv” to live in Israel.. but it is for sure a mitzvah.. even the Chazon Ish encourage people to live here. I suggest you read “To Dwell in the Palace”..

  7. To Ita:
    You can put your head back in the sand. As we see with the current Israely elections, your GOD, Bennett, is really doing a great job creating achdus amongst fellow Jews!

  8. To Jerry, My head is not in the sand. I am fully aware of what is going on with the current Israeli elections. It is the Dati Leumi that treat my husband with disdain..

    Bennett is hardly my G-D.. and maybe if us Chareidi start being proactive instead of playing victims things will change..

    America has many problems for the frum today.. I think it is the Americans who have their heads in the sand.. You don’t need the army to turn kids off the derech.. they just need to walk into Kmart and the like.. or land on the internet..


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