Radio Host Calls Montreal Jewish Population ‘Annoying’


jacques-fabiThe B’nai Brith Canada  organization is demanding an apology from a Quebec talk show host who sympathized on the air with anti-Semitic statements.

A woman, who called herself Maria, phoned into Jacques Fabi’s late night radio talk show on 98.5 FM last week.

She started by criticizing Israel for last week’s bombings. Then she began to attack Jewish people and even lauded the Holocaust.

Fabi did not interrupt the woman, but continued the conversation and sympathized with her statements.

“I’d never dare say such a thing,” he said, adding, “though you probably have the right.”

Fabi said that there are consequences for people who speak negatively about Jewish people, especially in Montreal where there is such a significant Jewish population.

Then he went on to sympathize with the caller.

“If you asked me if the Jewish population can sometimes be annoying, I would say yes,” he said.

In total, the conversation lasted for more than four minutes.

Steven Slimovitch, a lawyer for B’nai Brith Canada, said his inbox was flooded with emails from Jewish Quebecers following the broadcast.

“She basically says that Hitler should have finished what he started,” Slimovitch said.

He said that his organization sent a formal letter to the radio station complaining about the comments. B’nai Brith also sent complaints to the CRTC and the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.


{ Newscenter}


  1. I think it is obvious that he said what was in his heart – an apology is really just giving him an opportunity to cover it up. He should apologize but he should be fired.

  2. In los Angeles there is a radio station that broadcast a program called entefada. And we have lost our sensitivity toward all lies given by media. Glad to hear some Canadians are still normal.

  3. Hello!!! what do you expect??? we are living in galus, they are antisemites. that is a fact of this galus, some show it, some cover it up and some are not, but the ones who are not are few and far between.


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