Rahm: President Obama Supports Me Against Striking Teachers


rahm-emmanuelSpeaking to reporters in Chicago today, Chicago Mayor Emanuel asserted that President Obama has already backed him up against striking teachers, because many of his proposed reforms were taken directly from the President’s “Race to the Top” education incentives.

“I want you to understand, the president has weighed in,” Emanuel said. “Every issue we’re talking about regarding accountability of our schools, quality in our schools to the education of our children, is the core thrust of Race to the Top.”

Emanuel added that the “notion” of the teacher evaluations he proposed came from Race to the Top.

“In that sense there couldn’t be a bigger push for the president,” Emanuel insisted.

Emanuel also thanked Mitt Romney for his statement of support.

“While I appreciate Mr. Romney making his comments, the commitment here is to make sure that you don’t cut education resources,” Emanuel said, explaining that he disagreed with Romney’s policies of cutting top marginal tax rates.

“While he’s weighed in, and other people will be watching, I believe that we can work through these issues. I am confident we can work through these issues. We have to on behalf of our children,” Emanuel concluded.


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


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