Rand Paul: Christie’s ‘Bully Demeanor’ a Bit Much


rand-paulNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made headlines again last week when he told a heckler to “sit down and shut up,” but his blunt talk might not play well nationally, says potential presidential rival Sen. Rand Paul.

“I think the sort of bully demeanor may go over well in certain places,” the Kentucky Republicans said Sunday on “Face the Nation.”

“You know, I grew up in the South, and we’re ‘Yes, ma’am’ and ‘No, sir,’ and a little bit more polite.”

Christie has faced criticism for his willingness to take on hecklers, and he had toned it down in recent months. But at an event marking the second anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, one victim took on Christie. The man was identified later as Democrat and former Asbury Park councilman Jim Keady.

“I think people want someone to be bold, and there was a time when I thought, you know what, when he stands up and he says things boldly, that’s kind of good and he’s not taking any flak,” Paul said. “But there can be too much of that, too. We live in a world where we have so much cacophony of voices on TV sometimes of yelling back and forth. And I think there’s resurgence of people who want a little more civility in discourse.”

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