Rand Paul Filibustering Patriot Act


rand paulRand Paul took to the Senate floor Wednesday protest a renewal of the Patriot Act, tweeting “It’s time to end the NSA spying!” 

Today, at the same time, the Justice Department sent a memo to Congress saying the National Security Agency will have to wind down bulk collection of Americans’ phone data by the end of this week if Congress does not reauthorize the Patriot Act, which will automatically expire on June 1.

The House passed the USA Freedom Act last week, which supporters say would rein in the NSA, but Shane Harris reports the agency is actually hoping the bill will become law. That’s because it would require phone companies to hold on to the data, and still let the NSA access it.

Paul’s office calls his speech a filibuster, but several reports say it is not technically one. Read more at National Journal.

{CB Frommer-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. All I have to say about rand paul is. What a snake in the grass. The man and his backers believe in all the antisemtic conspiracy theories jewish banker this jewish banker that , uss liberty , 911 was mossad . That any sane jew would support him shows how gullible some folks are he only supports israel this time because he realized being anti israel is unpopular with red state america

  2. Lindsey grahm would be the most appropriate president for america. And he is a friend of israel not just for the cameras like rand paul!

  3. Some conspiracy theories have truth to them. So don’t dismiss all of them.Some of them are true but I don’t believe the anti Jewish and anti Israel ones.I don’t think the government has the right to spy on americans , because they abuse the power.They will pretend their ex girlfriend is a terrorist and use the technology to spy on her, They can change the rules for personal reasons of NSA workers.They misuse this for personal reasons to spy on people. As Edward Snowden said.They gather everything you say and type and then use that as fact. so if you are drunk and call someone and stay strange things you don’t mean, the computer will label that as your personality.They will accuse people of stuff that they are not. Complete strangers are profiling you based on what words they over hear and see, they take everything you say literally and personally and use that against you and you cannot dispute that.The computer cant distinguish between a joke or not, if you type the word bomb in your email they will label you as a threat.Everyone will have to monitor every word they say or write, including the mentally ill, mentally retarded and drunk/on drugs and children.They will hold you accountable for everything, every website you go to, joke you say,everything. they are saying a computer database knows a person more than their close family, friends and psychologist does. they trust strangers and a computer to be accurate to evaluate people they dont know, they are wrong most of the time but wont admit to it. it does not even work, it labels people who are not terrorists as terrorists.I dont even want to say what they will do to you when they label you as a threat for personal reasons or because their computer system made a mistake, but they can kill people with technology. as they are doing to Jonathan pollard and Bernie madoff, they are radiating those guys in the jail and give them cancer.invisible way to get rid of people with new military technology,they can do that to people who are in their home too, from some satelite or technology. AND that is why edward snowden ran to Russia because he knows if america gets him in usa soil they will find a way to invisibly get rid of him also using technology that dosnt have much evidence.


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