Rav Chaim: Moshiach Will Arrive Before The Israeli Elections

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Breaking Israel News reported on a story making its rounds in Israel this week. A young talmid chocham from Chutz L’Aretz visited Rav Chaim Kanievsky on Shabbos and asked the rav if he should apply for Israeli citizenship in order to vote for the Degel Hatorah party in the Israeli elections being held on April 9.

“There is no need,” Rav Kanievsky reportedly responded. “Moshiach will already be here before the elections.”

The young man was unsure that he had heard the rabbi correctly so after he departed from the house, he asked Rav Chaim’s grandson, a venerated rabbi in his own right, to confirm the answer. The grandson entered Rav Chaim’s chamber and asked again: ‘Should the young man apply for citizenship before the elections?’

The Godol Hador responded, “I already told him that there is no need. Moshiach will be here before the elections.”




  1. Wait a minute. So what about all those who already have reservations for some exotic one of a kind Pesach vacation extravaganza?! Can’t Moshiach wait at least till after Pesach?

    • Interesting Rabbi Glazerson discovered the same info in the “Torah Codes” last week. Pesach is not until April 19th. About your once in a lifetime extravaganza…what more “wonders and miracles and joy” than to witness the arrival of the Moshiach in our time…from the “sound of the shofar heard around the world to the Beit HaMikdash and the gathering of the exiles. what could be more exciting??????


  2. tzadikim dont make comments derech agav that are as serious as these – you obviously didnt understand the words of the tzadik vehalevai sheyovoh

  3. Sure as soon as we do teshuva as one loving nation together. Mashiach will come.

    Hashem is just waiting for our call and loves all of us. I.e. if a person in general wants anything in life he needs to do more then just daven for it and say tehillim. HE NEEDS TO YEARN FOR IT. sadly in today’s generation we are so happy in golus living a life of technology, vacations and fancy cars etc….

    Don’t fool yourself, If we were REALLY mourning for the Bais Hamikdosh then we would not look forward to chatzos on Tisha Bav so we can get up from the floor. We would even be willing to fast an extra day but right now today on tisha bav we just beg Hashem for one thing to rebuild the bais Hamikdosh.

    May we all start to wake up to life and reality soon so we can come to the coming of Mashiach ASAP

  4. Basically what Reb Chain is teaching us, that we need to have Emuna that Moshiach will come, and therefore why bother.

    In other words we need to change our thought process and not live life as if moshiach wont come indefinitely.

    To make plans for months in advance to do something that is not going to be around if moshiach comes, is showing that our Emunah in Moshiach coming is only in words.

    • So you only agree 1000%. That’s not total agreement because you should’ve said 100000000000…. infinitely%. Had you agreed 100% it would have been a complete agreement.

  5. I think it means the Bochur should NOT make Aliya….
    It’s an age old expression…..it will happen when Moshiach comes..

  6. I thought he was coming Motzei Shviis ….
    And then last year …

    Maybe the pre-election turmoil will create so much Sinas chinam that we’ll all be a דור of כולו חייב , and then moshiach will come ….it’s possible …

    • Or maybe the anti anti Vaxxers already created so much sinus chinam that we are already there

    • Yes, but with mid-winter vacation coming up, the tzibbur is busy with other plans. When the Yidden went out of Mitzraim only 1/5th made it out. The rest were busy with Pesach vacations and building another summer home and going skiing, etc… Can’t wait to see which of my neighbors makes it out this time around.

      • I believe there’s a source that by the final Geulah everyone makes it out.

        Also, it’s interesting to note:
        1. did R’Chaim say this regarding any other shaila recently.
        2. where are all the opinions on everything else he says?

  7. Iran is threatening the war to end Israel and Og and Magog are destroyed when Hashem stops a horrendous fireball attack from Iran and the world acknowledges Hashem.

  8. If the report is true, it is a metsiyus and will happen, as a shita of a gadol is a real thing.
    But designating a specific candidate as a _certain_ candidate for Moshiach can only be done by Sanhedrin or confirmed Navi. Even a rav as great as Rabbi Akiva can’t individually declare a certain moshiach, rather only a personally preferred candidate for a likely-Moshiach. Either way, it would be a profound affect on Israeli politics, if the report is accurate.
    …If, however, the Rav assembles a group of great sages to confirm his choice, that would be even more significant.

    A messianic candidate must first bring in the exiles and rebuild the Bais HaMikdash in it’s place, according to Rambam, in order to be proven the one and _certain_ Moshiach.

  9. You guys are all nuts!!! Each to their own! Knowone has to hear your garbage! I think that most of this is coming from fear of what will happen to yourselves when Moshiach does IYH come!!!

  10. When are the elections? What happens if mosiach does not arrive. How will this affect my belief in Daas Torah and Emunas Chachamin. How will I explain this to others who believe that Rav Chaim is the closest thing to Hashem? Are there other gedolim who have made such predictions in the past. What happened to those predictions. What was the aftermath? Are there any others who today collaborate his words? How does he know this information? I thought we were taught that we no longer have prophecy today. Most of us don’t even know what will be tomorrow. Does being a gadol mean you play by different rules. How do I become a Gadol. Can someone please explain. What does Rabashkin say about this? I thought he was the top authority on all religious matters. This religion of ours is getting stranger by the day.

  11. That’s a legitimate reason to apply for citizenship?
    Of course it happened on Shabbos.
    Why would Matzav publish unconfirmed stories.rumor has it!

  12. a first step would be when the streets are not filled with children with no yeshiva or beis yakov to call home maybe moshiach will come!

  13. all you people have no emunas chachomim! to tzvi:
    you need a good social worker you are srsly messed up
    good luck in life. I hope your married already because you pretty much messed up your chances.

  14. I understood his reply to mean that the same way we need to have complete emunah daily that moshiach is coming today, we must also have complete emunah that Hashem is the only one who can orchestrate the outcome of an election. To me he is telling him, don’t take your own personal role in the outcome of an election so seriously – you can’t control it. Work on your emunah.

  15. In the audio recording in the link below some guy who says that he heard from his mother that heard from the Rabbanit that someone asked Rav Kanievsky some question that the speaker does not understand exactly about passport maybe and that Rav Kanievsky replied: “you should not leave israel because moshiach is already here” and R Kanievsky repeated three times: He (moshiach) is already here!

    Nothing is said about moshiach will be here before the elections. That may have been invented by someone or misunderstood!

    Here is the link with the recording in Hebrew:



  16. I don’t understand what everyone is fighting about. Like who cares! I like nachos. And tacos. Is it raining tacos from the sky? Is there all the nachos you can eat?
    Same thing!
    I hope my parable makes sense.
    But like holy moly!!! Who cares, we should all try to be the best Jews that we can and then moshiach will come. I personally think that moshiach will come to Australia to have a BBQ first then go to israel.
    My good friend Josef agrees with me.

  17. This is an alleged news site, is it not? So how about the next time you hear a rumor that a rabbi, of what ever stature, said something, you PICK UP THE PHONE and call to confirm it? Alternatively, you take a neder that should, chas ve shalom, Moshiach not come before the elections, you NEVER RUN ANOTHER STORY LIKE THIS.

    To whoever edits comments: I don’t care if you approve this comment or not, just show it to your boss


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