Rav Chanina Meir Nadoff zt”l


rav-chanina-meir-nadoffIt is with great sadness that we report the passing of the beloved and noted talmid chochom, marbitz Torah and adam hasholeim, Rav Chanina Meir Nadoff zt”l, who passed away on Shabbos Kodesh Parshas Metzora after suffering a dreadful illness.

Rav Nadoff, who served for many years as a rebbi at Yeshiva of Spring Valley in Monsey, NY, was a truly remarkable individual whose passing leaves a gaping void in the hearts of his many talmidim, friends and admirers. He is survived by his devoted rebbetzin and their children and grandchildren, who carry on his legacy of hasmodas haTorah, gemillus chesed, sterlingĀ middos tovos and constant aliyah in avodas Hashem.

The levaya will take place tomorrow, Sunday, at 2 pm, at the Yeshiva of Spring Valley Boys Building, located at 121 College Road in Monsey, NY.

Yehi zichro boruch.

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  1. There is not a short life, nor a long life; just a whole life. What a unique individual. Unassuming greatness. What a loss. I only knew him from a distance, but my mind aches now I hear he has gone.

  2. I was awakened today to the loss of my good friend , mentor and rebbi , Rav C M Nadoff , zt”l . Chaninah , former Daf Yomi teacher , and rebbe , was a favorite of the hundreds of talmidim that he taught , and inspired through his consistency and hasmadah .My family always had the zechut of being friends to his families , and my memory of Chaninah , is visiting the Beis Hamedrah , and receiving a shalom alechem , that pushed me to stay a bit longer in the B.M. We shall all merit to hold our special memories of a Talmid Chachum – muflag …MMM


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