Rav Dovid Feinstein and Rav Chaim Kanievsky Rule: No Kashrus Concerns Regarding Orange Juice


rav-dovid-feinstein1Matzav.com has learned that Rav Dovid Feinstein, senior posek and rosh yeshiva of Mesivta Tiferes Yerushalayim in New York, has ruled that there are no kashrus concerns with drinking orange juice.

Some weeks ago, fears were spread about the concern of bugs in orange juice rendering it problematic to consume. Rav Feinstein has ruled unequivocally that here is no concern whatsoever.

Rav Chaim Kanievsky has likewise ruled that there is no kashrus concern. The following, regarding Rav Kanievsky’s ruling, was provided by Rabbi Yair Hoffman:

rav-chaim-kanievsky2Mr. Larry Gordon, owner of the Five Towns Jewish Times, visited Rav Chaim Kanievsky on Sunday afternoon shortly before 4:00 p.m. and presented him with a number of halachic shailos from the United States. These shailos were written in Lashon Kodesh and Rav Chaim read them himself and then responded. His responses were videotaped.

In a previous article regarding Tropicana orange juice, I had presented 4 factors in which poskim might either forbid or permit the orange juice, even though scale bugs are found in each cup of the juice.

The fourth factor dealt with whether there is an obligation to remove an item that cannot be identified as a bug to the naked eye of a trained expert within the mixture, even though he may be able to identify it as a bug were it not in a mixture.

Below is the first question that was posed and Rav Chaim’s response. Rav Chaim said that Tropicana juice would be permitted.

יש חוקרים בחו”ל שמצאו במין אחד של מיץ תפוזים תולעים (בשם סקייל באגז). ורק מוציאים את התולעים עם מגדלת לאחר שסיננו את המיץ עם בד דק דק. ואי אפשר לראות את התולעים בתוך ה”בד הסינון” בלא המגדלת. ולוקחים את התולעת על ידי מחט ומניחים אותו על נייר. ועכשיו שאין התולעת בתוך המיץ – אפשר למומחה לראותו בעינים אף בלי מגדלת מה שלא היה אפשר לפני-כן. ובכל כוס וכוס התולעים האלו נמצאים. האם זה נחשב למוחזק בתולעים? האם יש חיוב לסננן את המיץ לפני ששותים אותו?

Translation: There are investigators in chutz la’aretz who found scale bugs in orange juice. They only find the bugs with a jeweler’s loupe magnifying glass after they strained it with a very thin cloth. It is not possible to see the bugs in the cloth without the magnifier. They take the bug with a needle and place it on a piece of paper. Now that the bug is no longer in the juice, an expert can see it – even with his eyes – which was not possible beforehand. In each and every cup, these bugs are found. Is this considered muchzak betolayim? Is there an obligation to filter the juice before one drinks it?

Rav Chaim’s response: לא צריך לחשוש. (Translation: There is no need to be choshesh.)

[A talmid chochom who was present when the question was posed explained that it was on account of the fourth factor that Rav Chaim ruled in this manner.]

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  1. Anything in writing from Rav Dovid?

    There are many skeptics regarding the actual questions and facts that were portrayed to the Poskim.

    Any written Psak from Rav Dovid, who many consider the greatest Posek in the USA, may bring closure to this topic.

  2. The question is can you extrapolate this psak to other similar foods where under original conditions there is no visible sign of bugs ?

  3. My Rebbe ZT”L, told us many times: Its no kuntz to always be Machmir and Assur everything. That doesnt show any Gadlus. Any Am Ha’Aretz can say, this is assur and that is assur. Very immature.
    Strawbery’s are assur. Blueberrys are assur. Lettace is assur. Indian hair is assur. Coke cola is assur. Drinking water is assur. Now oranges are assur as well.
    Thank you Matzav for staying with this story and not allowing the Tzibbur to me mislead by a few rabble rousers. Ashrecha.

  4. Can someone please explain to me why I should pay $3.69 for heimishe Orange juice in my local grocery, when I can get Tropicana OJ on sale in Shoprite of Avenue I for $2.50? Just because it has a “Heimisha” Hechsher?
    Another Zach. If I can buy “Fresh Express” Garden salad with the StarK Hechsher in Shoprite for $1.50 regular price, why should I pay $3.59 in my local grocery for the exact same bag – just with an additional yellow sticker with some “Heimisha” Hechsher on it? Something doesn’t smell right.
    Can someone please be masber me?

  5. I am happy that your Rebbi who always looked to me Makel was not my Rebbi.

    On this you are correct: Strawberries are assur. Blueberries are assur. Lettuce is assur. (Indian hair is assur.) Coke cola is assur?. Drinking water is assur?. Now oranges-juice are assur as well!!!
    BTW if you use a good sifter you can drink OJ TODAY.

  6. #5 I will be masbir…nobody told you to buy heimish and pay 3.59 instead of 1.69 so whats your problem? This extra is made only for batlonim like me. For me it smells very ‘right”

  7. Reportedly there was an article about 2 weeks ago in this column which reported that there was no problem.

    Why is there another chapter in this issue??

    #4 does have a good point that everything under the sun seems to have become awsur.
    What happened to Koach D’heterav Awdif.

    It seems to have lost its Koach!!!!

  8. #9 nebech. Where do you live? I go into any food store in may neighborhood, Stamford hill, BP, Will. , Flatbush, Tel Aviv, Jeruselem etc etc etc , there are tons and tons, choices upon choices of delicious apetitlech foods to be gotten. So where do you live, in a cave in Africa?


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