Rav Feldman: Lipman Is Not a Rasha, But a “Shogeg,” “Wrong” and “Misguided”


rav-aharon-feldman-6[Audio below.] In a Yom Kippur Kotton shmuess today at Yeshivas Ner Yisroel in Baltimore, the rosh yeshiva, Rav Aharon Feldman, a member of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah of Agudas Yisroel, spoke about the dire situation in Eretz Yisroel and the efforts of the government to have chareidim change their way of life and become part of the secular world.

Rav Feldman mentioned that he had called Dov Lipman a rasha for supporting this movement. However, after receiving a letter from Lipman, who explained that his intention is lesheim Shomayim and that he wants to strengthen Torah with what he is doing, Rav Feldman said that he views him instead as a “shogeg” (one who errs unintentionally), rather than a rasha, and that he apologizes to him for calling him a rasha. Rav Feldman added that he is happy that a talmid of the yeshiva is not a rasha, but rather a shogeg.

However, Rav Feldman said that Lipman is “extremely misguided,” adding that someone who thinks he will build up Torah by tearing down Torah is mistaken.

Furthermore, Rav Feldman made clear that he never called Lipman “Haman” or “Amaleik,” as Lipman had claimed he did, but rather that he is like all the attackers of Torah of the past, and just like all the Torah attackers of the past went under, so will this party – Yesh Atid – go under and there will be no zeicher of them.

“Any antagonist of Torah has no kiyum,” said Rav Feldman.

The rosh yeshiva added that “in no way do I with less vigor oppose what he is saying, I just see now that he is mistaken. He simply doesn’t know the facts and hasn’t thought it through well, [and he] especially hasn’t discussed it with anyone… with gedolei Torah.

Rav Feldman called him “wrong and misguided” and that it is “very sorrowful that he is engaged in this,” suggesting that he resign from his party and make a kiddush Hashem.

“He writes me,” said Rav Feldman, “that [he is] doing a favor to the Olam Hatorah in Eretz Yisroel… Without asking us, he is telling us that he is doing us a favor by driving us out of the bais medrash… Of course, it’s absurd…”

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  1. I remember Dovy as a kid. What a Baal middos he was. Seriously. He was exceptional. He even played sports with such sportsmanship and middos. And a masmid too. I am really hoping that he will turn around and actually use his position and popularity to make a kiddush Hashem. To actually help religious Jews in Israel. There is no question that he is just misguided now. Let’s hope.

  2. he knows exactly what he is saying and doing and what party heis affiliated with and what it stands for . We shouldn’t look at him as a representative of our ommunity but rather acting on his own his own deeply mistaken comments

  3. how about all of the preposterous anti Torah Hashkafa statements Dov has made publicly in writing over the past few years- here is a sampling- concerning Daas Torah(in his opinion it is a made up concept and dosn’t apply- one should think for himself and decide without the need to consult Rabbonim and to defer to Gedolai Yisroel), The Women at the Wall(He supports their right to pray in Talleisim and Teffilin in public at the Kosel- publicly disgracing the Kosel. He even claimed at a Knesset disscusion on this issue that the Kosel isn’t a orthodox shul but a National Jewish site),he supports lowering conversion standards to not require full kabolas ol mitzvos(stated this in a jpost article last year in his view serving in the IDF and speaking Hebrew are sufficient), is willing to allow more public buses on shabbos, has fought for years the construction of new chareidi neighborhoods in RBS/Beit Shemesh, has called Rav Ovadia Yosef shlita an extremist and accused the Prime Minister of playing Rabbi Roulette for consulting Rav Ovadia on attacking Iran, has denigrated Bnei Torah by suggesting they should help sweep the streets in their spare time, has trashed Yeshiva Bochorim and Kollel Yungeleit for not contributing to the defense of the country (and stated that the claim that their Torah learning protects the country makes him angry – since in his eyes the learning of Hesder students and balei batim is worth no less and therefore there is no justification for chareidi full time yeshiva students and kollel yungeleit not to serve in the IDF). He has no qualms to cut funding to Yeshivos, Beis Yaakov’s and Kollelim in order to force chareidim to work.His pride in participating in a weekly Talmud learning session at the Knesset neglected to mention that the session is led by Prof. Ruth Kaldron an avowed secular women who relates to the Gemara as Jewish Folklore and Culture and dosn’t beleive in Torah min Hashamayim, who wants to strip the Torah of any Divine significance. In short if he is leshem shamayim he is an utter fool to think he is increasing Torah and in no way represents Torah values

  4. we are talking about one of the foremost Rashei Yeshiva in America, who has written a tremendous amount of scholarly works in some of the most difficult sections of Torah, versus someone who (clearly) only has a cursory understanding of the wider yeshiva world both in America and Israel. someone who loves attention (as attested to people who have grown up with him or are acquainted with him (including the commentator).In terms of scholarly works includes a book of superficial answers to surface level hashkafic question, sports/torah mashalim and a weekly section of relatively easy question on the parsha in torah tidbits.


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