Rav Moshe Nosson Yungreis zt”l: I Was Invited To The Heavens

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Rav Moshe Nosson Yungreis zt”l, maggid shiur in the Ohr Yisroel yeshiva ketanah in Petach Tikvah, related shortly before his recent sudden, tragic passing at the age of 55 that he had been invited to the heavens.

In his younger years, Rav Yungreis studied in the Ponevezh yeshiva ketanah headed by Rav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz. He later became close to Rav Shach, who was very fond of him and acted as his shadchan.

During the levayah, Rav Mordechai Rabinowitz, rosh yeshiva of Ohr Yisroel, related that several days before his passing, Rav Moshe Nosson joyfully told him that Rav Shach had appeared to him in a dream, given him his hand and said, “Come to me.” Neither Rav Rabinowitz nor Rav Yungreiz understood what this meant at the time. Rav Yungreiz went to Rav Shach’s kever and davened that the dream should be for the good.

“His talmidim remember his special smile that was constantly on his face, particularly if he heard a good question or answer,” a talmid recalled. “During the shiurim, he was a burning flame of Torah.”

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  1. BDE. Is the name really Jungreis. If so who was his father grandfather?
    One of the the sons of the menuchas Asher was Rav moshe nosson nota (great grand father of Meshulem Jungreis husband of rebitzin jungreis who herslef was the great granddaughter of another son Rav Avraham.)


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